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the handsome Aperture reissue of John Gossage’s The Pond. This classic black and white photobook was first published in 1985. It refers to Henry Thoreau’s Walden (which I freely confess to not having having read) and has links to the austere American New Topographics movement.

Its interest for me, being slightly tree-obsessed at present, is the spindly winter trees which line the rather junked-out  pond and its access ways – it’s nature intersecting with the edge of suburbia and all the mixed up beauty and tack that results.

Another striking feature of the book is the sense of narrative that comes from its journey format – a trip on foot, you imagine, and all the more ‘real’ for that. More description and images at the Photo Eye online bookstore.

An image from a recent trip.

Auckland 2011 (from the Trees series)

Written by Mary Macpherson

02/03/2011 at 9:29 pm

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