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Old New World – off to China

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Thursday 8 December was a landmark for my book Old New World. That evening I got screen shots from Spectra Graphics (the pre-press agency) of the files they’d uploaded to the printers in China.

Somehow that moment, more than any other in the production process, made me think of how the book came into being and the stages of the journey. It began seven years ago when, curious about the changing face of towns in the Wairarapa, I picked up my then film camera (Nikon FM3a) and started photographing in the back streets. The postcard sized prints that came back made me want to do more (in the event the first years of image-making provided clues rather than final results).

Then came a digital camera (the then new, Nikon D80) and a burst of photographing up and down and around New Zealand which went on for years as I thought my way into how to represent what I saw. All the while the boxes of prints grew and, as I edited them constantly, I began to think of them as a book and an exhibition – although for a long while they remained boxes of prints.

Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland, is publishing the book and showing the work in June 2012, followed by a second show at the Sarjeant Art Gallery, Whanganui. So this year I’ve turned my box of prints into a DVD full of tifs and given that to Lesley Smith, designer and Gallery Director. The photographs have became book-shaped electronic files that have flown backwards and forwards between Lesley and me. And now off to China – an emotional moment.

It seems like the book is swimming its way into visibility in the wider world.

Next year – ink and paper.


Written by Mary Macpherson

10/12/2011 at 5:41 pm

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