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Best photobook bonanza

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One of the pleasures of holidays is to spend hours noodling away at things that interest you, but normally have to wait for the tiny package of after-work hours.

I’ve been enjoying the multitude of lists for best photography books of 2012 that appear at this time of the year. With previews and write-ups they provide an excellent snapshot of what’s been happening in the world of art photography publishing (defined, of course, largely by the United States and Europe). Reading, thinking or perhaps being moved to buy – whatever, the lists provide endless pleasurable browsing.

The lists I’ve most enjoyed have been the ones that have multiple contributors picking books, so you get a large array of tastes. Two of my favorites have been:

Times Best of 2012

Photo-eye Magazine – best books of 2012 (which contains between 150 – 200 recommendations)

Happy viewing!


Written by Mary Macpherson

01/01/2013 at 4:09 pm

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