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Sitting on the veranda of a cabin in a tree filled holiday park in the Hawkes Bay I couldn’t help admiring the set up of a neighbouring house truck. The large red and cream vehicle with its light blue awning was owned by an older couple. Surrounding the truck was a lush extensive vegetable garden – tomatoes, leafy vegetables, herbs and young trees.

It was hosing day in this dry region so behind their netting the tomatoes glistened in the sun and the vegetables shone. Unable to resist I went over to admire his garden (yoohoo it’s your neighbour). The man, who was the gardener, said the garden was the result of three years work. He showed me the citrus trees he’d planted – a lemonade fruit tree (suffering from mysterious yellow leaves), a young lemon tree which was increasing its crop every day and a small bushy lime tree absolutely laden with fruit.

I thought of the supermarkets which for months have been charging around 29 dollars a kilo for Californian limes. I also thanked the owner of the park who, the previous evening, had invited me to pick what I wanted from her flourishing garden.

Written by Mary Macpherson

18/02/2013 at 5:28 pm

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