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All the way from the port at Gisborne right around the beautiful narrow East Cape road they thundered along. Logging trucks towing their trailers full of pale, skinned pine trunks heading for the log piles on the Gisborne wharf, and somewhere else beyond.

To us in our tiny car the trucks seemed bigger than the ‘giants of the forest.’ At the edges of the road the massive hillsides now seem covered as often by the their dark green uniform of pines with their signs of joint iwi and company ventures as they do by the soft olives and yellows of shaggy native forest.

At Ohope on the coast, temporarily away from the trucks, the visitor signs point to a Pohutukawa by the stores at least 150 years old. Across the road is a reserve containing one of New Zealand’s original Pohutukawa forests – one that escaped clearing by settlers for its multi purpose wood.

Truck trunk – I often get those words confused.

Written by Mary Macpherson

22/02/2013 at 5:05 pm

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