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Here’s a review I wrote recently for The Landfallreviewonline about a book of poems by little known poet Canterbury poet Lorna Staveley Anker. The collection was put together by poet Bernadette Hall and published by Canterbury University Press after Staveley Anker’s death.

Writing the review reminded me of how stimulating it is to read a book of poems intensely and then have to really front up by committing your thoughts to screen.

The Judas tree, Lorna Staveley Anker, edited by Bernadette Hall, (Canterbury University Press, 2013), 108 pgs, $20.

” What makes it possible to reach back into history and publish a collection of a little known poet’s work, as opposed to one of their contemporaries?  American essayist Tom Bissell, writing about trying to resurrect forgotten writers and the fragile nature of reputation survival, says ‘What determines a work’s longevity is in many cases an accumulation of unliterary accidents in the lives of individuals years and sometimes even decades after the writer has gone unto the white creator.’ ” Read more

And Wellington photographer Andy Palmer has reviewed Peter Black’s terrific book the grass is awfully green on Lumiere Reader.

” At first glance it appears to be a collection of more-or-less random images, a mix of landscapes, street photography, close ups and even nature photography. Individual photos could be read as commenting on the likes of the tourist industry, urban development, capitalism, the income gap, the rural environment, but like much of Black’s work it can be read collectively as a ‘state of the nation’.” Read more


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