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My poem Exit appears in the rather wonderful Heaven and Hell issue of Landfall which has just appeared. I’d wondered what to do with the poem so it was great to find a home for it. I’m enjoying reading Landfall and savouring the artwork from Liz Maw and Lonnie Hutchinson.


Caught in a strangely angled room with unusual walls,
I forget the way to the place where cars go by like shadows

and Marilyn blows her kiss. Oh, I’ve got digital paua gloves
for picking through silence, but in the street of Pollinated Spas

I don’t know what to want. The signs call out – A Pleasant Place
to Stay. We’re not as expensive as we look! Genuine mineral pools.

Genuine private mineral pools! The man opposite has moons
in his eyes – so far away he’s like a plant that’s drawn its life

back inside.  My desire is in a trolley nuzzling a car park tree.
If I could remember my life, I’d find a glittering street – heat rising,

shadows under deep verandas. Lost in the procession of cars
and people, I’d never know if I’d turned the wrong way.

Mary Macpherson

Written by Mary Macpherson

03/12/2013 at 10:01 pm

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