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Peeking in Auckland

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In Auckland recently, I was lucky enough to peek at the book PhotoForum plans to launch to commemorate its 40 year history, along with an exhibition at the Gus Fisher Gallery. Apart from what the book and show will encapsulate of NZ’s essential art photography history, I suddenly realised that period of time was my life. (Duh!) A weird feeling that something you lived through, and was part of your confused existence, has became a narrative in the past tense. But as an art photographer, I know that period was an important time for nurturing my work and that of many significant figures. I’m really looking to June when it will all be unveiled – and thanks to the people in Auckland who are burning the candle at both ends to complete the projects.

Another Auckland pleasure was staying in a room on a 13th floor at the end of Queen St. In this land of head offices I felt like a sparrow flying for the air between buildings (not unlike the feeling of my childhood dreams when I constantly swam through the air to escape some peril or other).

Room and buildings in Auckland

Auckland 2014 (Image copyright Mary Macpherson)

Written by Mary Macpherson

05/03/2014 at 5:41 pm

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