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A partial view

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Updating my website with images from past projects has been like encountering earlier versions of yourself in physical form. The latest version of me was ‘Partial View’ a project exhibited in 1997 where I was fascinated by the idea that we see the world subjectively, so that even though we might be looking at the same thing, how we see it is completely different. Perhaps this now doesn’t seem such a revelation, but at the time I was in pursuit of the idea that perhaps I could construct and find images that embodied this, and photograph in a mixed up way that would echo the process. The constructed image also took me into the territory where performances and sculptures exist as their photographic record, and, how does image making transform an idea?

Now the work, although sometimes too close to self conscious images of the spiritual, seems to have an awkward questing energy, like a young animal finding its feet. But the problem of how to successfully represent an idea visually remains central to any work I do.

More images on my website.

Partial View

From the Partial View series (1997). (Image copyright Mary Macpherson)




Written by Mary Macpherson

20/04/2014 at 12:14 pm

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