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Fortnight past

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This fortnight the lines company’s treemen came and felled a number of large trees that were interfering with, or potentially interfering with, neighbourhood power lines. In part, it was a case of ‘ phew they’ve saved us thousands of dollars’, but in the spaces where the trees were, there’s now logs rolling around and emptiness. In particular, I feel the emptiness of the corner where the huge spreading golden elm was, the way its leaves would unfurl acid green in spring, moving to beaten gold in summer and all the dappled patterns of light you’d walk through.

It was also the fortnight when noted New Zealand photographer Glenn Jowitt died suddenly. Glenn was particularly known for his extensive documentation of Pacific people and their lives. I’d never met him until the PhotoForum exhibition in Auckland in June. Peter and I had a great conversation with him, during which he invited us to go and see him next time we were in Auckland, and kindly brought a copy of Old New World. I wondered why I hadn’t talked to him sooner and thought we would definitely look him up, next time.

Athol McCredie, Photography Curator at Te Papa has written a tribute to Glenn on the Te Papa blog

In the meantime I’m thinking about what flowering creeper I could plant on the tall stump at the end of my garden, which once was a tree.



Written by Mary Macpherson

27/07/2014 at 1:07 pm

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  1. your lines “the dappled patterns of light you’d walk through.” captures your sentiment here

    Sudha Rao

    29/07/2014 at 4:35 pm

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