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Feeling pretty good that after two years (not full time!) I’ve finally got a selection of my major photographic projects since the 1980s up on my website. After plodding through the gruesome work of scanning, cropping and removing dust, then trying to remember what the series was about and when it was done, I felt strangely moved. Was I really alive in the 1980s, 90s and early 2000s, determinedly following the artists who resonated with me (Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfeld, Victor Burgin, Barbara Kruger etc) trying to extend my practice, come rain or shine? Apparently so! Other things such how I was supporting myself, what colour the walls were have receded into darkness – but the work remains. I’m also interested in how what I was then, seems to have flowed through into this year’s series (don’t know if this is reassuring, or something else!). Here’s a picture or two below. The full selection of projects is on my site.

Safe series

pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure
(From the Safe series – text and image) Image copyright Mary Macpherson.


Urban Landscapes, Mary Macpherson photography

From the Urban Landscapes series
(Image copyright Mary Macpherson.)

From the Househill series, Mary Macpherosn

Wellington 2014 (new series)
(Image copyright Mary Macpherson.)


Written by Mary Macpherson

08/02/2015 at 4:00 pm

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