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Photobook New Zealand programme online

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We’re excited to say the Photobook New Zealand programme is now online, complete with a PDF download for your convenience. Check out the opening night party with the announcement of the New Zealand Photobook of Year Awards winners, and the next two days of book fair, specially curated book exhibitions and inspiring practitioners and panels.  It’s going to be such a great event!
Check out the programme out at

Please register online for the days you want to attend – we need the numbers for seating and catering purposes.

And please share this information with your friends and networks – we want to welcome as many people as possible to Photobook New Zealand!
All events are at Massey University, Tasman St, Entrance E, Block 12 (Te Ara Hihiko) – close to Wellington’s CDB
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Written by Mary Macpherson

31/01/2016 at 12:36 pm

New work – ‘of the hills’

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With Photobook New Zealand in mind I’ve started an extract of my of the hills series. The work isn’t complete yet but there’s enough to start a grouping – with all the attendant anxieties as you try out your sweet dreams about what the work’s about and how you fondly imagined a sequence would flow. But editing is where work is made (or unmade) – so onward.

A bonus, one restless 5am dawn, was finally arriving at a title for the series.

of the hills

From ‘ of the hills’, Wellington 2014 (image copyright Mary Macpherson)


of the hills

From ‘of the hills’, Wellington 2014 (image copyright Mary Macpherson)

Written by Mary Macpherson

31/12/2015 at 2:30 pm

Judges for New Zealand Photobook of the Year announced

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At Photobook New Zealand we’re pinching ourselves (lightly) to realise how far we’ve come in making New Zealand’s first Photobook event a reality – what a year! Here’s the latest welcome developments –

New Zealand Photobook of the Year

The expert photography, publishing, design panel for the New Zealand Photobook of the Year has now been announced. The panel is:

Judging panel chair: David Cook, Photobook NZ committee member, lecturer Massey University

Harvey Benge, photographer, publisher

Paul McNamara, Director of McNamara Gallery Photography

Geoffrey H Short, Director PhotoForum NZ

Anna Brown, Director of Open Lab, Massey University.

There’s cash and credit prizes valued at $10,500 to be won across in three categories:

Self published Photobook of the Year

Trade published Photobook of the Year

People’s choice Photobook of the Year

Entry is free and for those printing their entry with Momento Pro there’s a 40% discount on book prints

Entries close 8 Feb 2016.

All you need is a print photobook published in the last two years …

Book your space at Photobook New Zealand

One of the highlights of Photobook New Zealand will be the bookfair, starting at the launch party on Friday 11 March 2016 and continuing on Saturday 12 March.

The book fair is a great opportunity to showcase your publications – print or electronic –  to a wide range of interested people, make sales and network with others. We want to show a wide range of excellent, innovative New Zealand and international photobook publishing, and welcome bookings and inquiries.

To answer a question we were asked recently – it’s also fine to book a space just to show your work, rather than sell it.

There are flexible options for configuring spaces and we’ve done our best to keep prices affordable.

Bookings close on 14 February 2016 or when all spaces are booked. Spaces are filling, so don’t delay.

CNZ grant

The Photobook New Zealand team was delighted to learn that we’ve received a Creative New Zealand grant for our event. Combined with our generous sponsorship from Momento Pro and funding from our wonderful Boosted supporters, we have the budget to realise New Zealand’s first Photobook event as we intend it. We’re looking forward to sharing the awards, the bookfair and the great programme of speakers and panels with you, and others interested in the arts.

If you know anyone or any organisation who’d be interested in entering the awards, being part of the book fair or just coming to the event, please share this information.
Momento Pro is the sponsor of the New Zealand Photobook of the Year Awards and Photobook New Zealand.

Written by Mary Macpherson

13/12/2015 at 3:20 pm

Bookings open for Photobook New Zealand

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The Photobook New Zealand team is delighted to open the bookings for spaces to display and sell books at Photobook New Zealand.

The bookfair will start with the opening night party on Friday 11 March 2016 and continue through Saturday March 12, ending at 5pm.

During Saturday there will be a small selection of inspiring presentations to help attract a wide range of people to the bookfair. And if you’re launching a new book, the bookfair is an ideal place to hold the event.

The programme of presentations and panels will also continue on Sunday, after the fair closes.

All bookfair spaces will be on one level in the light-filled Te Ara Hihiko arts complex at Massey University, Tasman St, Wellington. We’ve done our best to keep fees very affordable and provide flexible options for space sharing.

Bookings are open until 14 February 2016, or until all spaces are sold. Be in early to secure your spot!

Book your space here

New Zealand Photobook Of The Year awards

New Zealand’s first Photobook Of The Year awards, presented by Momento Pro and Photobook New Zealand, will be announced at the Friday opening night party. All finalist books will be exhibited at Photobook New Zealand and in the People’s Choice awards, the public can vote for their favourite finalist.

There’s great cash and printing credit prizes to be won!

If you’ve published a photobook over the last two years, you could be eligible to enter. The awards are open until 8 February 2016 – get your entry in now.

Momento Pro are the sponsors of Photobook New Zealand and the New Zealand Photobook of the Year Awards.

Written by Mary Macpherson

01/12/2015 at 7:00 pm

Photobook NZ in Festival programme

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At Photobook New Zealand we’re thrilled to see our event listed in the Writers’ Week section of the 2016 New Zealand Festival programme. With the buzz and visitors to Wellington during Festival time we hope this listing will do a lot to attract a wide range of people to the special displays of independent Australian and New Zealand photobooks and our wonderful programme of speakers and panels.

Don’t forget about our Boosted crowdfunding campaign.

Huge thanks to those who’ve got us to 48% of our total but we really need to reach our target of $5,000 to make our programme happen.

Please consider donating – as little or as much as you like – it all helps.

Momento Pro is the major sponsor of Photobook New Zealand.



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23/10/2015 at 9:18 am

New Zealand’s first Photobook Awards

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We are delighted to announce that Photobook New Zealand and Momento Pro are presenting the first New Zealand Photo Book Of The Year Awards. The Awards have been established to celebrate excellence in self-published and trade published photo books, and to showcase New Zealand photo books to a growing international audience.

There are three categories for the Awards:

Self published photobook

Trade published photobook

People’s choice

Momento Pro are offering cash and credit prizes valued at $10,500. The awards will be presented at the launch of Photobook New Zealand on 11 March at Massey University and will be on display during the Photobook NZ fair.

For more information about the awards visit:

Momento Pro are also the major sponsor of Photobook New Zealand.
Our crowdfunding campaign

As readers of this blog will know we’ve launched our funding campaign on Boosted. A huge thanks to those of you who have already donated.

But to make Photobook New Zealand happen, we really need your support. Please go to to donate – as little or as much as you like – it all helps.

We’ve got a really exciting programme of speakers and panels planned, as well as the opportunity for photographers to display and sell their books. You can also enter the New Zealand Photo Book of the Year Awards.

We’ve happily given our time in getting this far – now we really need you to join the team and help with a donation.

Written by Mary Macpherson

15/10/2015 at 6:53 am

Be part of Photobook New Zealand

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Exciting times for Photobook New Zealand with the launch of our Boosted crowdfunding campaign this week.
Photobook New Zealand will be held in Wellington, March 11 -13 2016. Our programme includes:
  • displays of New Zealand and Australian photobooks from photographers and independent presses – browse and buy
  • the New Zealand Photobook of the Year awards, sponsored by Momento Pro
  • personal stories of photography and photobook publishing from inspiring practitioners
  • panel discussions about topics such as, getting your work out into the work, and photobook design
  • a film about New Zealand photobook publishing and  a presentation about early NZ photo-albums – and much more

Our small working group has happily given our time to create this event – but we need your help to make it happen.

You can donate – as little or as much as you like – by going to our page on Boosted and clicking the big red donate button.

We’re pleased to have reached 24% of our $5,000 target in a few days and a huge thank you to people who have already donated. If you can help, and share this information, we’ll really appreciate it.

Thanks to our major sponsors Momento Pro.

To give you a taste of what we’ve got planned – here’s an image from one of our keynote speakers – Ying Ang, whose book on the Gold Coast won the New York Photo Festival and Encontros Da Imagem book prize for 2014.

from 'Gold Coast', Ying Ang (image copyright)

from ‘Gold Coast’, Ying Ang (image copyright)

Written by Mary Macpherson

09/10/2015 at 10:36 am

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