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Going back to White Thread

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I’ve been going to back to my film work from the 1990s and getting scans of the negatives (thanks Sam from Goodsheet). The White Thread series explored things people could fear or desire, using the medium of white clothes and text. Like most of my work from that era it involved me staging scenarios and then photographing them.

White Thread

Humour, from the White Thread series, 1994.  (Image, copyright Mary Macpherson)


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20/06/2017 at 9:22 pm


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Well, that’s the new and final title (the third iteration) of my work on trees. Bent refers to how the life of trees is shaped by the uses that humans have for them. The title emerged after intensive sequencing of 77 images by me and Peter, who put the final work together. It’s amazing when the clarity of what your work is about swims up after a long period of searching. I’m now digesting the new form – walking round it like it’s a new version of me, viewed from the outside. And going through the 77 images and polishing work prints before moving to the many next stages.

The work is diverse – when do my ideas and thoughts about a subject not travel? – here’s a couple of images.


Treeline, SH 5, Taupo – Rotorua (from the Bent series) (Image copyright Mary Macpherson).

Pioneer statue

Log’n. Statue representing the pioneers of Kawerau (from the Bent series) (Image copyright Mary Macpherson).

Written by Mary Macpherson

17/09/2013 at 9:52 pm

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